Jodie Van Den Berg

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Chiropractic Assistant 

I am currently studying a conjoint degree in a Bachelor of Law and Social Sciences, majoring in Anthropology at the University of Waikato. I have a beautiful, bubbly baby girl who definitely keeps me on my toes and is my main motivation in life. I have always been interested in Chiropractic care as our nervous system is so important! The atmosphere at Papakura Chiropractic is phenomenal! With an amazing team, every day is not the same! I love interacting with all our patients and learning something new each day! I am super friendly and always down for a chat!

Chiropractic Assistant 

I’ve recently relocated from Australia earlier this year with my family & we haven’t looked back.

In all aspects we came back for a lifestyle change and ended up with a career change as well. Chiropractic care was something I thought I never needed, until I understood how my body was working without it.

The knowledge I have gained has taught me so much and made me want to see these changes in myself. Both my children are now on their way to receive Chiropractic care as well as my Partner.

Papakura Chiropractic has given me an insight of what can be changed from the inside out, for a better functioning me. Something we all should value within our bodies.

B.Chiro, EVT Cert, MNZCA


I started my chiropractic journey through skepticism when my sister started seeing a chiropractor for headaches. My perspective flipped when I saw the profound improvement not only in her pain but also in being less tired after work and enjoying family time. I value my family, which inspired me to provide the same life-changing experiences to other families in my community. Six years later, I graduated from the prestigious New Zealand College of Chiropractic and since then I can genuinely say the best thing about my job is that I change people’s lives for a living. I love it!

Dipp.App.Sci, B.Chiro, EVT Cert, MNZCA


I’ve always wanted to motivate people to improve their health so they can achieve their goals in life. This desire to achieve more, for myself and the people I serve, drew me towards chiropractic as a career.

Now that I have finished studying, I am dedicated to providing the families in my community who want to grow, age, and live exceptionally, with the benefits of chiropractic care so they can experience the best for themselves and their loved ones.