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New Practice Members at Papakura Chiropractic

Welcome to Papakura Chiropractic, where people of all ages and walks of life are invited to heal and achieve lasting health. Whether you are young or old, suffering from minor discomfort to chronic pain, our compassionate chiropractic team looks forward to getting to know you and empowering your body to heal and get well.

Learn more about our onboarding process.

Initial Consultation: Your Holistic Assessment

Your introductory appointment will be your Initial Consultation. During this time, our chiropractors will meet with you to discuss your in-depth health history, listen to your concerns, and conduct a thorough, non-invasive examination to better understand your condition.

This examination will include:

  • Four state-of-the-art neurological scans
  • A full spinal examination
  • Range of motion testing
  • Orthopaedic testing
  • Postural and gait analysis

If needed, you will be referred for X-ray imaging to help us get a clearer picture of your overall health.

Your Initial Consultation will last about one hour from start to finish, ending with scheduling your follow-up visit.

Problem Report: Your First Adjustment

Your second appointment will be your Problem Report. At this time, our chiropractors will review the results of your examination and deliver a chiropractic adjustment according to your needs.

Your Problem Report will be 30 to 45 minutes in duration, marking the initiation of your path toward relief and wellness.

Solution Report: Crafting Your Wellness Plan

Within 48 hours of your Problem Report, our practice will invite you back for your 20-minute Solution Report. During this third and final onboarding appointment, our chiropractors will observe your body’s response to your first adjustment. They will then utilise all available information to create a tailored plan for your ongoing care.

At this time, we will discuss frequency, duration, and cost of care. Be sure to address any questions or concerns you might have for us. We are happy to put you at ease.

Ongoing Care

Similar to maintaining progress in a fitness routine, the body requires routine chiropractic care to maintain progress. Your plan of care will outline your appointment schedule.

Every 12 visits, we conduct a progress check, including repeating various elements of your initial examination. This allows us to measure your functional improvements and make necessary adjustments to your care plan.

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